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Why we are different to other CAD drafting services.....


PROCAD Services - Professional BIM modelling, CAD drafting and design assistance by M&E Building Services Engineers


PROCAD Services recognises that your Building Services Engineers and Designers are an expensive commodity, so why do they need to spend time marking up drawings to be traced by your CAD department or CAD resource?  Why have in house CAD technicians to trace what your Designers or Engineers have marked?  Combine the two and outsource to PROCAD Services, to save you time and money.


We are fully trained and qualified Building Services Engineers, with many years experience in Consultant and Contracting roles, and hold CIBSE, IET and UK Engineering Council accreditation and memberships.  Having many years experience working on projects in nearly every sector within the Built Environment, we have the expertise to make a difference to your business and to give you a commercial advantage.


With our knowledge and expertise, you and your Engineers and Designers do not need to spend valuable time accurately marking up drawings to be traced into CAD or modelling in BIM.  From your very basic drawing mark-ups, outline brief, or from the project specifications, Employers Requirements or Room Data Sheets, we can produce your professional CAD layouts and BIM models for you.  We can provide much more than just a CAD drafting service.  With our professional enginnering design and project management background, and access to a vast library of Technical Publications and documents, we can provide you with very accurate M&E Building Services layout drawings from the onset.  Your Engineers can then be released to use their intellect more productively.


Our range of services can provide the Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health BIM modelling, CAD drafting and design assistance services that you need.  If you wish, you can even leave it to us to act on your behalf to coordinate with other Project Team members, Designers and your suppliers.


Do you need draft proposal drawings for bid or presentation?  Provide us with an outline brief and, using our design background and knowledge, we will produce professional drawings for your presentation.


Don't think of us as just a CAD drafting service, we are CAD Engineers.

We have just picked a few of our core services below, but we can offer so much more.  Please contact us with your requirements.



PROCAD Services - Your virtual CAD Department

Are you being asked for CAD layouts for your systems?  Are you a small business wthout a CAD department but need a CAD resource without the associated expense of staff, equipment, software and training?  We can descretely provide your CAD drafting services as if we were part of your business.


Flexible CAD outsourcing with PROCAD Services could save you and your business money and provide you with that essential resource that is a fundamental part of your business.   If you do not know where to start, or if you do not have them, we will guide you through the process and we can establish CAD standards for your business and produce your CAD title blocks branded with your company logo. We can even produce your Drawing Issue registers for you and assit you in your drawing issue and receipt management.


Although our core business is to support the M&E sector, we are able to provide a range of services for many disciplines in the construction industry, including architectural, structural/civil and utilities.



PROCAD Services - Using the Best Technology for You


Although the majority of CAD requirements are still in 2D, we see the change in the industry and have invested in order to offer BIM (Building Information Modelling) 3D modelling services using Autodesk Revit to our Clients.


BIM is fast becoming the successor to CAD for the construction industry, and is a dominant and powerful tool for Designers, Contractors and Clients.  PROCAD Services has recognised the benefit of BIM and have implemented Autodesk Revit as the tool to offer this service to our Clients.  We utilise Autodesk Revit, as it the software of choice for majority of Clients, projects and disciplines.


As part of our move into BIM, we also soon be able to offer 3D modelling using Sketchup.


We can provide you with drawngs in the majority of standard file formats, including DWG, DXF, DWF and PDF and can convert files from many different formats into others.


By utilising email and cloud based file storage systems, we can easily track and manage file storage and transfer, and you can access the files from virtually anywhere.  Do you need us to work on your servers or on a project hosting site such as Buzzsaw?  Just provide us with the credentials, a VPN or a unique log-in and we can access those systems directly.


When producing CAD layouts from your mark-ups, we can trace directly into AutoCAD from your paper copies or you can send us scans of your mark-ups and we will trace direcly on screen.


Although we strive to work in a paperless digital world, sometimes we all need hard copies of drawings.  We work with professional national reporographics companies to provide this service at competative rates to you.



PROCAD Services - Record Information


PROCAD Services can produce your As Fitted record drawings for you.  We know how important record drawings are and have all seen time and time again design drawings rebadged as "As Fitted" they are not accurate or provide the level of detail needed for ongoing Planned Maintenance.  We can ensure that your As Fitted drawings are drawn to exactly what you have recorded on site.


No design drawings to produde record drawings from?  We can provide you with visual survey services to identify the M&E services and produce your As Fitted record drawings, whether new build or for existing installations.


Do you have old  paper drawings that are needed digitally?  We offer a comprehensive scan service, where we will scan your drawings and retrace them in AutoCAD to provide you with true CAD versions of your drawings that can be modified and manipulated as with any editable CAD file.




PROCAD Services - Service Flexibility


Being based in the UK, and coming from professional Engineering backgrounds, we understand the construction and property industry and what is needed and expected.  We are here and not overseas where many companies once outsourced their CAD drafting to.  With the added complication of language barriers and without that UK based understanding of our market and industry, many abandoned overseas CAD drafting services and have repatriated them to the UK.


With our simple but flexible competative pricing srtructure, we can provide various CAD & modelling services to suit your needs and your budget.  We are able to provide Inclusive or Hourly Rate options.


With our Inclusive service, you have virtual cost certainty for your project requirements, or we can be as flexible as you need with our Hourly Rate drafting package.


If you need things in a hurry, please talk to us about our express service.  Depending on your requirements, we can offer services from the next day and can work outside of normal working hours, at very competative prices, to get those essential drawings delivered to you.


Do you need to estabish CAD procedures, protocols and CAD drawng title blocks for your business?  We offer a very affordable Inclusive package to produce these, including creation of templates for all main ISO paper sizes and formats based on your company branding, symbols and standard details.


What we have listed are just some of the key services we can offer your business to improve your productivity and to save you money, but our flexibly approach means we can do many more things.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


PROCAD Services - M&E Design Assistance


To complement our CAD and BIM services, we also offer M&E design assistance to supplement, support and compliment our core business and to provide Clients with a comprehensive package.  

Design assistance takes many forms, be it an extra resource to help you deliver what is needed, a site survey, or even a design review, PROCAD Services can offer you a flexible solution to suit your needs.

With a background in virtually every sector in the industry, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, leisure, retail & domestic, you can be reassured that we have the experience.


PROCAD Services - providing comprehensive Professional CAD and Design Assistance Services.